Energy Management & Metering Solutions


Reduced energy and enhanced efficiency.

To allow Building Owners and Energy Managers to make informed decisions with regard to how a building is performing or where energy is being consumed requires the installation of sub metering across all utilities. Once metering is in place the Monitoring and Reporting of the metering data allows the Energy Manager to focus on areas of high consumption and put in place energy saving measures to reduce consumption, carbon emissions and ultimately costs.

ATC Systems Limited can provide installation and commissioning of utility metering and offer tailored Energy Management M&T software as a solution for the collation of the metering data. This can be hosted locally or managed off site and accessed via the internet.

We also offer software to provide Energy Display screens and dashboards which can be installed at prominent locations within the building. These provide occupants or visitors with information on the energy performance of the building and savings provided through renewable energy products.

Energy Surveys

Partnering for success.

ATC Systems Limited have specially trained engineers to provide detailed energy surveys for buildings. Our energy engineers will come onto site and analyse all aspects of the performance of the BEMS and the HVAC equipment that it is controlling. At the end of the visit we will provide a report detailing observations on the system, any minor adjustments made by the engineer and a list of recommendations for further enhancements to provide additional energy and cost savings in the future.

Benefit One

Improved building performance.

Benefit Two

Track energy consumption and identify patterns

Benefit Three

Lower carbon emissions.

Benefit Four

Increased energy savings and costs.


Smart solutions to achieve your energy goals. 

Utilising smart utility metering solutions allied to the latest Trend IQ Vision BEMS and IQ Energy Manager software we are able to design bespoke packages to meet your needs.

We also offer cloud based solutions for monitoring and billing.

"I have been thoroughly impressed with ATC Systems Ltd throughout the project from design stage to installation to commissioning. It was particularly impressive that a project of this size, spread throughout 21 sites within 2 different councils, was managed so efficiently and effectively without any significant problems.
TEM is a very simple, user friendly package yet it is extremely effective. We have found it to be ideal for monitoring the energy usage of council buildings for oil, biomass, electricity and water.
With data collected at 15min intervals we have been able to identify areas of wastage, particularly at night and take action in cutting out wastage. By installing timer plugs on all our vending machines we have been able to note the reduction in electricity usage through the night." Moving forward we will be able to show savings of any future projects to our buildings. As our data increases over time we will be capable of demonstrating how our buildings are performing in terms of energy by using degree day analysis.

Ciarán Óg Mussen Newry & Mourne District Council

"Just as a way of feedback on your ATC engineers' work at Finnebrogue this far on the Metering project. ATC have completed a seamless changeover from our previous metering system, the electrical works, software set-up and interfacing has gone really well and it’s an impressive software to use. Well Done to both the Engineers involved and to ATC."

Finnebrogue Artisan